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 The H-Accelerator connects students and entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Driving human capital. Propelling ventures. Making an impact.

We help do.


We connect you to an entrepreneur in an emerging economy with a high growth and sustainable venture. 

You collaborate together over the course of a semester long program.  

The goal: as a team, you propel the venture to the next level.

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Make an Actual Impact

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Develop Transferable Skills

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Unique Exposure to Emerging Economies


We connect you to top-tier talented and passionate students to collaborate on your venture. 

You work together over the course of our 4 month program. 

The goal: as a team, you propel the venture to the next level.

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Sector Agnostic

Latin America, Africa & South East Asia

Global Collaboration

General Information

The H-Accelerator welcomes entrepreneurs from Latin America, Africa and South East Asia with ventures across all sectors. 

Past companies have ranged from artisanship, med-tech, cosmetics, agriculture processing, the music industry, consulting services to food processing.

We follow a highly selective application process on a rolling application basis. Teams consist of one entrepreneur paired up with two to three university students — and three different nationalities.


Program starts: February 1st, 2022

Program ends: May 13, 2022

Your engagement lasts for the entirety of the H-Accelerator’s duration (early February till mid-May). Typically, the time commitment ranges from five to six hours on a weekly basis. 

The H-Accelerator is a 100% virtual program. Emails and video calls serve as the primary mode of communication.

Founder's Coaching

Application Timeline

Applications open: April 1st, 2021

Applications close: July 1st, 2021


Application are reviewed on a rolling basis.

In short: the sooner you apply, the more chances you have to get in.


  • Round 1: opens May 1 and closes June 1
  • Round 2: opens May 2 and closes June 30
  • Round 3: opens July 1 and closes July 15

All acceptances will be sent out by August 1, 2021. However you may receive your acceptance into the program much earlier. 

Internship Experience

Application Timeline

Applications open: September 14th, 2022

Applications close: September 30, 2022


Application are reviewed on a rolling basis.

In short: the sooner you apply, the more chances you have to get in.


Coffee chats and presentations of the program will occur prior to applications opening. Be on the look out on our social media handles to register for an information session.


All acceptances will be sent out by October 29th, 2021. 


Accepted entrepreneurs will:

  • Collaborate with top-tier students to innovate venture
  • Gain visibility and traction in new markets
  • Exposure to potential investors

The entrepreneur’s venture needs to be in line with our social impact policy based on the UNDP’s Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. 

Entrepreneurs must have:

It is imperative that the applicant be the strategic decision-maker for the company (CEO or founder).

Entrepreneurs must possess a working knowledge of English, French or Spanish. The H-Accelerator will be conducted primarily in English, however students who speak your preferred language can work with you in said language.

Application Process

The application process is highly competitive. We look for reliable and resilient entrepreneurs who are excellent communicators.

We conduct in-house due diligence to assess the entrepreneur’s venture’s compliance through a thorough application process requiring official documentation, referrals, interviews, and performance data.

Following an initial screening process, selected entrepreneurs will be interviewed by two members of our management team. If the interview is deemed successful, the entrepreneur will move into the third application phase for further interviews. 

Accepted applicants are matched with entrepreneurs based on corresponding demands and skills.


Accepted students will:

  • Impact real-time problems
  • Develop transferable skills
  • Gain unique exposure to emerging markets

Past students have successfully received credit from their respective universities for their participation in the H-Accelerator. However, it remains at the discretion of each university’s policies. 


Recommended for incoming Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in undergraduate degrees. Master students are also welcome.

Students must speak fluently English, French or Spanish.

The H-Accelerator will be conducted primarily in English.

The program is an online remote collaboration opportunity that is unpaid. Funding opportunities and grants are available through your institutions. Contact the Recruitment Officer for more information.

Application Process

Applications are open to university students for one of three positions:

  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Business Development/Consulting
  • Tech Role (front end & back end)

Following an initial screening process, selected students will pass onto behavioral interviews. They will meet two members of our management team. 

During the written application, students will have the chance to specify which sectors (agri-tech, retail, arts, healthcare, etc.) they would prefer working in. Applicants will get a chance to further develop their sector preference with interviewers.

Students successful post the interview stage will be selected for the third and final stage, involving case studies. Students will have 48 hours to work on assigned cases, which are much smaller projects than what students will typically encounter during the H-Accelerator.

Accepted applicants are matched with entrepreneurs based on corresponding demands and skills.

Past H-Accelerators

Change Doers

“Your program is really making an enormous transformative impact in the lives of entrepreneurs in developing nations. I am indebted for bringing two wonderful students into Pisces and we will recommend other entrepreneurs to apply in the next cohort as they will never regret it.” 

Hendrix Sarpong

Founder of Pisces

Pisces is a pioneering aquaculture company that lowers greenhouse gas emissions by creating sustainable fish production in Africa and empowers locals to engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Persistently Phenomenal in the Pandemic Program 2020

“Diversity was an essential component of what made our team so successful. We were three students, one from France, one from Spain and myself from the US working together with Nicole Mensa, a passionate Ghanian founder.”

Katerina Zhuravel
Senior, Cornell University'20

Wo No Ni Cosmetics prides itself in providing high quality, organic, handmade and affordable skin care products that are produced in Ghana and do wonders for all skin types. 

COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program