COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program

For this COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program, 11 teams combining 13 entrepreneurs from Ghana and 20 students from the best universities worldwide (such as EDHEC, ESADE, Cornell, Sciences Po., LSE, and many more) are working hard to propel ventures to the next level. 

From Monday June 29th, 2020 until Friday August 7th, 2020, students are participating to this remote experience from locations throughout the globe (Singapore, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and the United States).

Learn more about these students, entrepreneurs and businesses below.

Aspee’s Bakery was founded by Angela Amponsah-Kodua. She works in the pharmaceutical field.  This is why Angela had decided to build a venture providing cakes with the right amount of sugar for everyone. She believes in achieving pleasure in eating what one wants without deteriorating one’s health.

Aspee’s Bakery is one of the ventures that has been accepted to our COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.
Angela was working with Chiara Tecchio and Michael Barry to boost her business to the next level.

Chiara Tecchio is a student from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. One of her career ambitions in to devise truthful communication strategies and marketing campaigns to reach consumers effectively and creatively. 

Michael Barry is a rising senior at Cornell University studying industrial and Labor Relations and economics. 

Janice Allotey and Jonathan Dugbartey founded Creation Care Concept. This venture uses fashion and the arts to promote environmental sustainability.

Creation Care Concept uses art, especially fashion, to raise awareness on issues relating to health, wellness, and development. Creation Care Concept uses single-use plastics to create new, upcycled accessories. Furthermore, their education and outreach efforts create opportunities for unskilled laborers and students to clean, sort, and learn to sew plastics.

Janice and Jonathan had been paired to work with Annalisse Eclipse for the COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.

Annalisse is a rising junior at Cornell University, where she is studying Environment and Sustainability Sciences with a concentration in Policy and Governance. 

Dyzel Entertainment is a body that handles events such as concerts, weddings, corporate meetings or forums. The main aim is to bring a different dimension of entertainment with the youth as a focus point with educative content. A media house is in the pipeline in order to make communication to the world easier and also to bring the world closer to Dyzel Entertainment through the media scope.

Nadia Owusu is the founder of this venture. For the COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program, she is working with Nils Bourdin.

Nils Bourdin is French and South-African. He is a 3rd year student at Sciences Po Paris. Nils grew up in different countries counting South Africa, France and Brazil. This student is starting an Urban Planning master’s degree.

Fruits on Wheels, founded by Richida Gyimah and Naa Korlike, focuses on providing quality and affordable packaged fresh fruits to people at their doorsteps, especially to students. This venture was selected by Humans to Humans for the COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.

Claire Malkin and Lorena Alfaro are two of the students who worked as Marketing and Business Development Interns with Fruits on Wheels. 

Lorena Alfaro is currently studying a Bachelor degree in Global Governance at ESADE in Barcelona. 

Claire Malkin is a recent graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Biological Sciences and minored in business.

KentePride Apparels, owned and managed by Samuel Adu, is a multinational business which produces unique, quality and Affordable Kente Stoles/Sashes, Kente shoes and Kente Bags. This venture is focused on universities students for usage during graduation ceremonies, church choirs and other individuals and institutions who will need them for unique purposes. Attention to details, exceptional customer service is what they stand for.

Isaac Singer and Amanda McCann worked with Kentepride Apparels to propel this venture to the next level.

Amanda McCann is a marketing major at Case Western Reserve University. Her interests and experience vary between brand strategy, digital marketing and content creation.

Isaac Singer is a rising senior at Cornell University studying Operations Research and Information Engineering.

OKB Hope Foundation was established in December 2017. It is an organization, located in Ghana, which aims at seeking the provision of quality healthcare for all. It concentrates especially on low income communities, through education. It also provides foreign students with hands-on experience by shadowing, and exposing them to the African culture. 

Benjamin Nyarko worked with Aryana Thapliyal and Gyana Srivastava, selected students for this COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.

Aryana Thapliyal is a rising senior from Singapore at Cornell University, double majoring in Economics and Information Science with a minor in Business.

Gyana Srivastava is a rising Senior at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachussets, where she is double majoring in Economics and Psychology.

Accessories have become a regular day thing used around the globe and can be purchased from any corner from cities to villages. At Phlawer Designs, they make bags, purses, footwear for both sexes by their own designers and with a touch of the customer’s preference.

Rose Oppong founded this venture and worked with Guillaume Jeanrot and Maria Coelho during this summer 2020 for the COVID-19 Program.

Guillaume Jeanrot is a 22 year old French student. He lives in Paris. Guillaume has a background both in Engineering and Finance. He is passionate about sustainable finance, international development and any kind of innovation. 

Maria Coelho is 20 years old. She is a third-year student in International Management at Warwick Business School in the UK. 

Pysces is a pioneering aquaculture company that lowers greenhouse gas emissions by creating sustainable fish production in Africa and empowers locals to engage in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

Gary Wang and Wynne Chen were helping Nana Kofi with his venture during this 6-week COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.

Gary Wang is currently pursuing a BA in Material Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship at Cornell University. 

Wynne Chen is a rising junior at Cornell University studying food science, business, and nutritional sciences.

Something Nice 2 Eat is a kitchen operating in Accra with customers within and outside Accra. It provides lunch meal services, corporate meal services, home orders and event meal set ups.

Cornelia Blewusi is CEO and founder of Something Nice 2 Eat. In the Humans to Humans teams, Cornelia was paired with Dylan Youhanaie and Jerico Agdan. 

Jerico Agdan was born in the Philippines and raised in Spain. He is an incoming second-year student at ESADE majoring in Global Governance and Economics.

Dylan Youhanaie is an incoming 3rd year at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Nicole Mensa is the founder of WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics, a Ghanian venture. WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics prides itself in providing high quality, organic, handmade and affordable skin care products that are produced in Ghana and do wonders for all skin types. WƆ NƆ Ni is a brand that espouses the values of Community and Service. At the moment, they support 180 women from a shea butter cooperative in the Northern Region of Ghana.

WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics is one of the ventures which partook in our COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program. Katerina Zhuravel and Sephora Willerval were paired with Nicole.

Second year student at EDHEC Business School’s BBA Program, Sephora Willerval is passionate about traveling and entrepreneurship.

Katerina Zhuravel is an incoming senior at Cornell University.

Amanda Sumabe is the founder of Yiri Apparel, a RTW and custom-made clothing Ghanaian brand. This venture boosts African print clothes and brings to light “Yiriwomen,” the brand ambassadors wearing Sumabe’s outfits in their everyday lives. In addition to clothing, Amanda creates and sells beddings and accessories, while also offering her customers sewing services. Yiri Apparel combines clothes-making with charity work and talent development among orphans and street children in Ghana through a partnership with the Kangme Yiri Foundation.

Amanda Sumabe was paired with two students chosen by Humans to Humans for the COVID-19 Summer 2020 Program.

Sonia Achdjian is a fourth year student in Finance and foreign languages at EDHEC Business School. Born in Angola and raised in South Africa by a France-Armenian father and Angolan mother, she lived the past two years in between continents (in South Africa, Brazil, France, Ghana).

Brook Alemayehu is a rising junior at American University’s School of International Service in Washington, DC. She is currently majoring in International Studies, with a focus in international development and global health policy.